Anti cellulite body wraps

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You want to lose a few centimeters from the body and reduce cellulite – the hot effect of anti cellulite body wraps gives great results!

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Anti-cellulite body wraps with hot effect

We recommend warming wraps if you are concerned about cellulite, stronger adipose tissue, soft tissue relaxation, arthritis and rheumatism, stressing the body, also relaxes the muscles. In the thickened adipose tissue, the blood and lymphatic circuits are disturbed and metabolic residues or toxins begin to accumulate there. Causing inflammation and water retention.

anti cellulite body wraps


The active and anti-inflammatory agents in the dressings stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, improving the condition of the skin and subcutaneous tissue at the cellular level. Regular use of anti cellulite body wraps reduces cellulite and swelling, improves skin structure and tone, helps expel excess water and has a slimming effect. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of the wrap, it is also well suited for relieving radiculitis, arthritis and rheumatic disorders, and for muscle care for athletes.

One of the ingredients of the Deep Heat body wraps is oregano, which promotes the excretion of toxins and fat burning, cleanses the body and mind, and stimulates your body. Deep Heat body wraps are also good to use with Detox or Cryo body wraps, one after another, for even better results.

Carefully exfoliate the skin before using the wrap. We recommend using a 100% NATURE series coffee body scrub or Dead Sea salt body scrub. If other scrubs are used, you should take care to ensure that they do not contain artificial wax, oil or other components that clog the skin pores and leave a layer on the body because the wrap will not work as well.

One part of the body at a time

Wrap either the lower body or the upper body with the anti cellulite body wraps, set a blanket on the sofa or bed so that you can lie down comfortably when you are wrapping the wraps over and over yourself. For the lower body, start from the feet and move up one leg, with one bandage from the bottom up, reaching your thighs, use something like food film for example to tighten the body wraps. Do the same with the other leg.

Then wrap the first bandage over the hip-buttock area and the second bandage over the areas that were not covered. For the upper body, start with the hands and move the bandage from the bottom up as well – at the shoulder, turn the bandage around the chest (leave the nipples out or cover with the food film) and then around the abdomen, with the other bandage start with the other hand and the shoulder. You can also wrap one hand in and then cut the bandage and then the other hand. If some anti cellulite body wraps are left over, just keep them in the package and use it next time.

If you want to move around at the same time then you definitely have to use food film or something similar to keep the body wrap bandages properly in place (available in our e-shop).

100% NATURE body wraps are cotton wraps full of extracts of natural bioactive substances and essential oils, which is a novel, effective and healthy solution for correcting body shape and improving body condition. The main effect of the wraps is to stimulate and improve blood circulation in the tissues at the cellular level, which helps to amplify and support fat burning, the excretion of waste and excess water, and to suppress inflammatory processes.


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