Collistar anti cellulite capsules + body scrub

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  • Collistar well known quality
  • Fights cellulite
  • Easy to use capsules
  • Water exfoliating body scrub
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Collistar anti cellulite combo

Collistar Pure Actives anti cellulite capsules containing caffeine and escin 14pcs + water expelling body scrub 150ml. Caffeine is known for its fat burning properties, and escine offers a shock therapy-like effect on cellulite. Single-dose capsules contain the optimal amount of pure caffeine and escin. The product does not contain water or preservatives and the capsules keep the composition of the product clean and fresh.

The serum in the anti cellulite capsules instantly makes the skin toned and smooth. You will notice the difference after just a few uses, as the product helps to smooth the so-called orange peel skin or cellulite. Continuing the treatment also improves the result – every day the skin becomes much more toned and smooth.

Contains 14 capsules. The contents of one capsule are sufficient to care for problem areas. The product is suitable for all types of cellulite. Pure composition, free of water, preservatives, flavorings or colors. Alcohol free.

Fluid exfoliating body scrub

Collistar fluid exfoliator, which provides a 5-fold effect. A cocktail of sea salts, cane sugar, essential oils and spices offers both a thalasso therapy and aromatherapy experience, the added plant extracts have a hydrating, slimming and fat-breaking effect. The product also has a “sauna effect”, which further increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

1. Exfoliating and moisturizing effect on the skin. Sea salts make the skin smoother and revitalize it. Cane sugar has a moisturizing effect.

2. Effect of fluid excretion from the body. Due to the iono-osmotic properties of sea salts, they help to expel the fluid accumulated in the tissues from the body. Cinnamon and cumin provide a “sauna effect”. Horse chestnut and seaweed extracts also have the effect of expelling excess fluid.

3. Slimming effect. Extracts of coffee, ivy and green tea guarantee a fat-breaking or “fat-burning” effect.

4. Nourishing effect. Andiroba, avocado, jojoba, macadamia, sweet almond, kukui and soybean oils nourish the skin deeply.

5. Energizing effect. The essential oils of chamomile, juniper, lavender, lemon, patchouli and thyme offer an aromatherapy effect and have a revitalizing effect on both the skin and the senses.

For best results, use the products together, first exfoliate your body in the shower, especially in problem areas, with the Collistar Water Exfoliator. Move in circular motions all over your whole body and stay longer in problem areas. The exfoliator removes dead skin cells from the body, allowing the serum to be better absorbed, stimulating blood circulation and helping to remove water from the body. Then break the thinner end of the capsules and apply the contents to the skin. Apply the liquid to problem areas for you, such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, handles.

Repeat the procedure at least twice a week. The serum can also be used daily after washing on clean skin.


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