Respirator face mask FFP2 5 pieces

8.99 (sis. KM)

This respirator face mask filters at least 95% of particles.

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Respirator face mask FFP2 (KN95/P2/N95 in other countries). Filters at least 94% of particles in breathable air. 5 pieces in the package.


Wash or disinfect your hands always before putting on the respirator face mask!

Place your mask on the face and the holders behind your heads. Make sure that your jaw is inside the mask and that the metal piece is on your nose. Tighten the metal piece strongly against your nose to have a tight contact with your face. You can also use surgical tape to make sure the respirator face mask is tightly in contact with your face.

For men: you must share before wearing the mask, otherwise the mask will not have a tight enough contact with your face and the effectiveness will be much lower.

When the mask is in place do the following: Breathe in quickly and deeply. If the mask is placed correctly you should feel a vacuum inside the mask. If you feel that air is getting in from the side of the mask then adjust the mask.

Change your mask when it gets damp, wet or dirty. This mask is not meant to filter oil particles. If you have trouble breathing, remove the mask.


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