Teeth whitening home kit Snow White

snow white teeth whitening kit

Teeth whitening home kit Snow White

50.00 (sis. KM)

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50.00 (sis. KM)

Teeth whitening home kit Snow White for home use. This 7 day home kit is the most effective in Snow White series.

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Teeth whitening home kit Snow White is meant for use at home. It is a 7-day course home kit is the fastest whitening product in the “Snow White” series. Easy to use and meant to be used comfortably at home. No need for previous teeth whitening experience!

Snow White” gel formula is completely peroxide free, the results will be awesome! One of the main principles of the Snow White series is for the products to be safe for your teeth and gums. That the products would not contain hydrogen peroxide which may damage your teeth.

Results can be compared to teeth whitening at a dentist, however that costs a lot more! It may take a bit longer at home, but overall the result is the same and much more affordable.

Teeth whitening home kit contains:

  • Pre-treatment gel 10ml
  • Active “Snow White” whitening gel 10ml
  • 10ml cleanser for after whitening
  • Mouth tray and whitening lamp


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