Collistar body scrub – anti-water talasso

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Collistar body scrub offers you a luxurious body care routine that includes aromatherapy effect.

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Collistar body scrub – sea salt and essential oils

Best body scrub that you have ever used! Collistar body scrub has a 5-fold effect that includes sea salt, cane sugar, essential oils and spices. In addition it offers a aromatherapy experience. Added plant extracts offer relaxing scents, slimming and they break down fat. This body scrub also has a “saun effect” which further increases the effect of its ingredients and helps burn fat.

What does Collistar body scrub do?

  1. Thanks to sea salt, the body scrub has an exfoliating and revitalizing effect on the skin, making it smooth. Cane sugar moisturizes the skin.
  2. The body scrub has a fluid-releasing effect. Due to the iono-osmotic properties of sea salts, they help to expel the fluid accumulated in the tissues from the body. Cinnamon and cumin provide a “sauna effect”. Horse chestnut and seaweed extracts also have an excess dehydrating effect.
  3. Slimming effect. Coffee, ivy and green tea extracts guarantee a fat-breaking or “fat-burning” effect. The content of coffee in the body scrub triggers blood circulation, thanks to which cellulite is also reduced.
  4. Nourishing effect on the skin. Andiroba, avocado, jojoba, macadamia, sweet almond, kukui and soybean oils nourish the skin deeply. Also suitable for dry skin.
  5. Also energizing effect. The essential oils of chamomile, juniper, lavender, lemon, patchouli and thyme offer an aromatherapy effect and have a revitalizing effect on both the skin and the senses.

You will notice the result immediately after using the Collistar body scrub. The skin feels cleaner, smoother and more elastic. Body contours become toned and slimmer, swelling and orange type skin disappear. The product pampers both the body and the senses. All ingredients are natural.

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