Teeth whitening makes your teeth shine more through removal of stains and reducing loss of color on your teeth. Teeth whitening at home is one of the most popular oral cosmetic procedures in the world because it improves the look of your teeth by a lot. In addition it has been scientifically proven that people with white teeth have much more self confidence and are happier! When your teeth look good then your mood is much better. Most dentists will recommend teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is not a one time procedure. It should be repeated every 4-6 months depending on how much do you eat foods which stain your teeth. Repeating the process helps you maintain your pearly whites! It is completely natural that in time the color of your teeth gets yellow and you can not stop it. That's why you should repeat teeth whitening at home every now and then!

In order to get your teeth whitened you do not need to book an appointment with your dentist which may end up costing €300 - €1500 for the whole process. Teeth whitening at home nowadays is extremely effective and is only gaining popularity. is the exclusive distributor for Beaming White and the teeth whitening kit we have on sale is one of the most effective and popular in the world.

How does teeth whitening work?

The outer layer of your tooth is called "enamel" and your actual tooth is below that. The natural color of your tooth is when light is reflected on your enamel and it will uncover the color of your own tooth below it. The color also depends on your genes, the thickness of the enamel and the purity of it. Thinner enamel means that the color of your own tooth below that will be better visible. How much light is reflected through the enamel depends on the thickness of it and therefore the color of your tooth.

Every day a thin layer will form on your enamel, which essentially gathers all the stains during the day. Enamel also has pores which keep the tooth stains in place. It is very similar to the pores on your skin. Therefore it is very important to take care of your teeth and to make teeth whitening at home your main priority if you want to maintain your white smile at a higher age as well. The most common reasons why teeth become yellow or stained are:

  • Smoking tobacco
  • Drinking dark colored beverages like coffee, coca-cola, black tea and red wine
  • Not taking care of your teeth

In addition teeth get more yellow with age because tooth enamel gets thinner and your own tooth below it gets darker. It is possible that your real tooth behind the enamel gets stained as well. They are called "Intrinsic stains". Teeth whitening at home and routine visits to the dentist definitely help reduce such cases. So how do intrinsic stains happen? For example, if you use too much toothpaste as a child which contains a high quantity of fluoride then the stains get stuck in your teeth. That is because a child's teeth are still developing and are not as well protected. Also tetracycline antibiotics can create stains on the child's teeth if the mother uses them during the second part of her pregnancy or if taken by a child who is 8 years old or younger. Teeth are still developing during that age. Trauma can also darken your teeth.

Teeth whitening at home - what to use and how to prepare?

You should definitely treat any teeth or gum related diseases before using a teeth whitening kit. It is not mandatory but the whitening results will be better if your teeth are healthy. In addition it improves your overall health and self confidence! For example, you should get any and all cavities fixed before whitening your teeth as the teeth whitening gel will not work on dark spots resulting from tooth cavities. If you have a gum disease which has exposed the roots of your teeth then they may make your teeth look yellow, roots will not whiten. If that is the case you should visit your dentist immediately. Teeth whitening does not work on crowns, veneers or any kind of fillings as they are not real.

Teeth whitening at home is one of the most popular methods how to brighten your smile and bring back that confidence. With Beaming White products that we have available it is totally safe, easy and with a better price than at your local dentist. We do recommend consulting with your dentist if your teeth will whiten or not. That is because the color of your teeth also depends on your genes and that defines the natural color.

Teeth whitening at home with Beaming White products takes only about 60 minutes. Whtening is done at home with a teeth tray which is softened up with warm water. After that you place the tray in your mouth to create a mold of your teeth by strongly biting on them. After that place the teeth whitening gel from the kit into the tray and place it in your mouth. The kit also includes a LED lamp which you need to turn on and place on your teeth in front of the tray.

In order for the results to last for a long time try to reduce the consumption of the above mentioned foods and drinks. You can also use additional Beaming White products to better maintain the result - for example the teeth whitening foam, teeth whitening pen, whitening toothpaste. If you have already bought the Beaming White teeth whitening kit and want to repeat the procedure you can simply order an additional teeth whitening gel and a new teeth tray if needed.