Teeth whitening mouth tray for the home kit

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If you have lost your teeth whitening mouth tray, heated it too much or broken it then you can order a new one from here for your teeth whitening home kit. Goes best with our teeth whitening home kit.

NB! This product is subject to a delivery fee if the order amount will be below €10.


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  • Place the mouth tray into hot water in order to be able to mold your teeth precisely – keep it in the water for a short period of time. Since the mouth tray material does not tolerate much heat then please do not use boiling water. Heat the water to a boil and leave it to cool for 1-2 minutes. Dip the first tray for 1 to 5 seconds until it becomes soft enough to model your teeth with. Repeat the process with the second tray. NB: Leaving it in the water for longer can cause the mouth tray to decay.
  • Place the mouth tray into your mouth, around your teeth and gently press on the tray to push it against your teeth so it would create a proper mold. Use your tongue to press the mouth tray against the inner side of your teeth. Let it cool until it has hardened again. Do the same with the lower mouth tray. The mouth tray will retain its shape and you will not need to repeat this process again.
  • Once the mouth tray is properly modelled you are free to cut the edges shorter to make sure you are able to close your mouth completely when the mouth tray is fitted. Also cut the handle off the mouth tray.

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