Üle €100 tellimus = Tasuta tarne

Üle €100 tellimus = Tasuta tarne

Do i need to be an ismile.ee registered customer to purchase?
No – you can make purchases as a guest in our online store.

How long is the delivery?
After receiving the payment delivery should take 2-5 working days.

How much is the delivery?
Latest delivery information is best to check from “Delivery” page.

How will you deliver the order?
Your order will be delivered to the closest Itella or Omniva parcel terminal. You will be able to choose which one upon checkout.

How can i pay for the items?
You can either pay via banklink or with credit cards.

How can i return unopened products?
You are allowed to return unopened products within 14 days after receiving the items. Please contact us through the website contact form or via info@ismile.ee for details.

What to do if i entered wrong details into the order?
Please contact us through the website contact form or via info@ismile.ee. Describe your problem and include the correct details.

What to do if i don’t know which product to choose?
Contact us through the website contact form or with info@ismile.ee and we will help you pick out the right options!

Do ismile.ee products make my teeth sensitive?
No because our products do not contain hydrogen peroxide.

Do your products also whiten fillings?
Our teeth whitening products only whiten healthy teeth. Fillings, dead teeth and artificial teeth only go brighter, they do not whiten.

I am pregnant – can i whiten my teeth?
It is not allowed to whiten your teeth when pregnant.

Does teeth whitening damage my teeth?
No because our products do not contain hydrogen peroxide.

Can i whiten my teeth when wearing braces?
We highly recommend to wait until braces are removed to achieve maximum whitening effectiveness.

Is teeth whitening painful?
Teeth whitening is not painful and it does not make your gums or teeth sensitive.

Are the products original Beaming White?
Absolutely! We have exclusive Beaming White distribution rights and only sell the highest quality products.

Are all of the products in your warehouse?
Yes, we store all products locally as required by the law. Should we run out of stock it will be visible on the website.

Why do teeth get discolored and go yellow?
Many different reasons – age, cigarettes, acidic foods and drinks among many.

I received the product but don’t know how to use it – what should i do?
If the instructions are not clear enough for you then please contact us and we will gladly guide you through the process!

Üle €100 tellimus = Tasuta tarne