Teeth whitening with smartphone – 16 LED lamps

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Teeth whitening couldn’t be any easier or faster! This Smartphone teeth whitening solution is new, innovative and even more effective than the traditional Beaming White home kit. Whiten your teeth only with quality products from verified sources!

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Smartphone teeth whitening – this is the new age

Brand new and innovative smartphone teeth whitening product from Beaming White. Teeth whitening that is quick, easy and fun to use. The product comes with two gel-filled pens and a LED mouth tray that are compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

The NEW LED mouth tray is very powerful, it contains 16 LED lamps, thanks to which smartphone teeth whitening gives even better results than usual. You no longer have to bother with modeling your mouth tray, this one is ready to use right away. You apply the gel to your teeth from the pen, place the mouth tray in your mouth and connect to your phones charging socket.

The gel is made, like the other products, in Beaming White’s own laboratories in Spain and is completely safe for teeth, does not damage tooth enamel or make it sensitive.

Beaming White is one of the most recognized and famous providers of teeth whitening products in the United States and Europe. They have their own factories where all products are made, including this smartphone teeth whitening set, according to their requirements. As the European, US and Asian markets have to have products with different hydrogen peroxide contents, they have made the products for European market by the exact regulations and rules.

We recommend that everyone, when buying any product, make sure before bleaching where the product is made and also research about the ingredients. Every real e-shop definitely has a company to turn to and who is responsible for these products. By following these simple things, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product and will not damage your teeth or gums. The quality of our products is high and verified.


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