Face cups – face and eye cup for prevention and smoothing of wrinkles


Face cups – face and eye cup for prevention and smoothing of wrinkles

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9.99 (sis. KM)

The face cups tone the facial skin, removes excess oil and dirt, gives the skin a beautiful glow and complexion. Lifts and strengthens facial muscles, eliminates signs of fatigue, helps against premature aging of facial skin.

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The face cups help smooth out wrinkles, reduce swelling

The face cups help you take care of your skin very effectively. The face cup smooths wrinkles, fine lines, gives the skin a better tone and helps reduce puffiness under the eyes.

It also cleanses pores, reduces acne scars and improves blood circulation. If you often use creams or oils, using cups will make them more effective. Improves the overall texture of the skin, tones the facial skin and removes excess oil and dirt.

If you do the procedures with an oil consistently, you will get a beautiful glow and complexion on the skin for a longer time. The face cups are also known to be useful in strengthening the facial muscles, which helps to lift the facial skin and as a result eliminate the signs of fatigue. The cups will definitely help against premature aging of the facial skin, as their use is on the facial skin as a workout! If the areas around the eyes are swollen when you wake up in the morning, just a few minutes of cupping massage is enough for the swelling to be significantly reduced.

The use of face cups is a therapy that uses special suction cups to stimulate the skin and muscles. This can be done on the face as well as on the body. Facial massage with domes improves blood circulation, which increases collagen and elastin in the facial skin. Poor blood circulation reduces the body’s ability to produce the necessary substances, and such procedures stimulate this process. It also helps reduce muscle tension. Chinese medicine says that it also improves the movement of your “Qi” in your body – “Qi” is a Chinese word meaning “vitality”.

These face cups are for the face and around the eyes only. The same procedure is used on the whole body, but with slightly different cups. We recommend using this product only as intended, as it does not have the same effectiveness on the rest of the body. When using the cups, redness may occur on the face, which is perfectly normal. Over time, it will disappear and the skin remains healthier and smoother.

If you want more information about how domes suit you and how to best use them, contact us! You can also ask your beautician or other beauty professional for advice.

The massage is best performed with facial oil.

What does a face cup do:

  • Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces bags under the eyes and signs of fatigue
  • Improves the overall appearance of the skin – exfoliates the skin and cleans pores
  • Helps prevent comedones
  • Helps against premature aging of the facial skin
  • Lifts / strengthens facial muscles
  • Tones facial skin, removes excess oil and dirt.

Eye lip cup:

  • Reduces swollen eye area
  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • Reduces wrinkles in the upper lip area


  • Clean your face thoroughly.
  • Apply facial oil on the face
  • Squeeze the cup with your fingers and place on your face
  • Do not leave the cup in one place on the skin for more than 3-4 seconds.
  • Massage the face according to the instructions that came with the purchase.
  • Around the eye and lips, pat the cup to stimulate microcirculation in the area of ​​the eyes and upper lip, keeping it under vacuum for a few seconds.
  • Use the cup 3-4 times a week, later once a week to keep the result
  • After the massage, cleanse your face and apply oil, serum or your favorite cream to your face.
  • Wash the cup with warm water


  • Superficial dilated capillaries
  • Inflammatory pimples
  • Open wounds
  • Sunburn

Keep out of the reach of children and protect from direct sunlight.


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