Vitamins for kids – prized Swedish Nutra vitamins

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Vitamins for kids are very important. Prized Swedish Nutra childrens multivitamin strengthens your kids health!

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Vitamins for kids – “Super Kids” multivitamin

Prized Swedish Nutra “Super Kids” multivitamin is meant for 5-12 year old kids. “Our children must grow healthy and strong” said a smart Estonian man. We all wish that our kids would be happy, have great health, strong immune system and would be able to chase their dreams. Nowadays parents have many ways to help ensure their kids continuing good health – Swedish Nutra “Super Kids” vitamins for kids is one of the best options for that.

This liquid form vitamin drink for kids is easy to use and it has a wonderfully good orange flavor. Vitamin drink contains 25 ingredients which are essential for a child’s continuing growth and development.

Usually vitamins for kids are easily attainable from the food and environment (i.e. the sun). Vitamins for your children are necessary when for example the child has a food allergy, does not eat a lot of things, suffers from a chronic disease which decreases vitamins in the body or is on a specific diet. We strongly recommend to consult with a doctor to check what are your childrens vitamin levels and what exactly should they take in addition!

Daily recommended intake:

Age 5 to 9 – 15 ml / age 10 to 12 – 30 ml every morning, 33 days in a row. Measuring cup included with the bottle. Shake before use.

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Age 5 to 9 – 15 ml / age 10 to 12 – 30 ml every morning, 33 days in a row. Measuring cup included with the bottle. Shake before use.


GMO free, gluten free, does not contain soy, eggs, nuts or milk. 100% natural flavor and color.

Clean multi-filtered water for best collagen, vitamins and nutrients intake: orange, apple, mandarin, guava, papaya, lime, mango, pineapple, grape, sweetener (fructose), ascorbic acid, flavor (natural orange), calcium gluconate, magnesium gluconate , zinc gluconate, acidity regulator (citric acid), potassium citrate, emulsifier (xanthan gum), choline, L-bitartrate, niacin, inositol, lutein ester complex, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, freshness preserver (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), manganese gluconate, pantothenic acid, end, spirulina powder, lucerne powder, asparagus powder, citrus bioflavonoid, coenzyme q10, colecalciferol, riboflavin, pyridoxine hcl, thiamine hcl, folic acid, beta-carotene, chromium picolinate, retinyl palmitate, biotin, potassium iodide, sodium hydrochloric acid, cyanocobalamin, sweetener ( stevol glycoside).

Vitamin A – 400/800 μg RE (50/100% NRV), Vitamin C – 90/180 mg (110/220% NRV), Vitamin D3 – 7.5 / 15 μg (150/300% NRV), Vitamin E – 5/10 mg (41/82% NRV), vitamin B1 – 0.5 / 1 mg (50/100% NRV), vitamin B2 – 0.7 / 1.4 mg (50/100% NRV), vitamin B3 – 8/16 mg (50/100% NRV), vitamin B5 – 4/8 mg (66/132% NRV), vitamin B6 – 0.7 / 1.4 mg (50/100% NRV), vitamin B7 – 30/60 μg (60/120% NRV), vitamin B9 – 100/200 μg (50/100% NRV), vitamin B12 – 1/2 μg (40/80% NRV), calcium – 3.6 / 7 , 2 mg (0.5 / 1% NRV), magnesium 1.34 / 2.68 mg (<1 /< 1% NRV), zinc – 3.3 / 6.6 mg (33/66% NRV), selenium – 11.25 / 22.5 μg (25/50% NRV), manganese – 0, 5/1 mg (25/50% NRV), chromium picolinaate – 10/20 μg (25/50% NRV).


  • Do not exceed the daily recommended intake!
  • Health supplements should not replace a varied diet!
  • Keep away from children!
  • If you have any medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing consult with your healthcare provider prior to use.
  • Store cool. Avoid direct sunlight. Refrigerate after open. Use within 2 months after open.

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