Hand sanitizer foam that moisturizes your hands 75ml

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Hand sanitizer foam that moisturizes your hands whilst killing off all viruses and bacteria!

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Whale Spray is one of the leading spray products developer and manufacturer in Europe, they are located in Spain. Disinfectants and hand sanitizers are their most popular product series. All products are verified and have proper certificates in the European Union.

Hand sanitizer foam which doesn’t dry your hands, it includes moisturizing elements. Fits perfectly into a handbag. No need to use water, cleans and softens your hands.

Includes 80% ethanol, glycerin and thanks to aloe leaves it also moisturizes your hands whilst leaving them fresh and soft. Disinfecting your hands is the most important proactive thing you can do to avoid infections and viruses.

Hand sanitizer foam benefits:

  • Using this foam reduces the spread of dangerous bacteria.
  • Does not need water or drying.
  • Constant use does not damage your hands, it moisturizes then.
  • Is absorbed quickly, does not leave your hands greasy.
  • High disinfecting qualities.
  • Superb feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Dermatologically tested.



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