Immuno elixir Chaga & Sea buckthorn ORGANIC

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Immune system boosting drink with sea buckthorn.

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Immuno Elixir strengthens the immune system of both adults and children. Immuno elixir is a powerful vitamin C drink with strong active ingredients such as vitamin C, black chaga extract, sea buckthorn and several Nordic herbs.

The components we use in the Immuno elixir are well known in folk medicine, but scientific research has confirmed that they have a restorative, strengthening and disease-preventing effect. All components of the elixir are aimed at strengthening the immune system – it keeps us healthy and protects against diseases.
Immuno elixir can also be given to children from 3 years of age.

Immuno and Immuno ORGANIC elixirs are made according to the same recipe, but in the case of the regular Immuno elixir we buy raw materials from small producers who do not have organic certificates. The raw material is Estonian and buying from small producers allows you to keep the Immuno elixir in a more favorable price range. Immuno ORGANIC raw materials are from organic producers and therefore the price is higher.

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