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Moisturizing hand cream – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour


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Moisturizing hand cream – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour


Moisturizing hand cream – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour

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Moisturizing hand cream from Elizabeth Arden

Moisturizing hand cream is very important in cold climates, and Eight Hour hand cream produced by Elizabeth Arden moisturizes very intensively.

  • absorbed rapidly
  • does not leave a layer of oil on the skin
  • moisturizes the skin on your hands for up to 8 hours
  • have undergone clinical, allergic and dermatological tests
  • has received numerous beauty awards around the world

Hands are the ones we use the most, while being the most protected part of the body. No one likes dry, cracked and broken skin on their hands. How many of us still take care of our hands the way they need to? Your hands do a lot for you, both at work and at home. But unlike your face and body, they get you much less gentle care. At the same time, the environment constantly damages the skin of your hands.

In order to protect, moisturize and nourish your hands, you need to get a worthy hand cream that makes the skin soft and supple. Our hands are the ones where we notice the manifestations of old age first. However, a good moisturizing hand cream will help to reduce and improve these signs.

The skin of our hands is very different from the rest of our skin. The skin on the wrist is also considerably thinner than the skin on the palms. What’s more, hands are constantly exposed to water, extreme temperatures, chemicals in the kitchen and garden, and so on. Even soap or wash gel can dry the delicate skin of your hands.

Here are some more reasons that can damage the skin of our hands.

  1. Washing your hands too often

Washing too often with soap can dry out the skin of your hands. The result is flaking and cracked skin, which is all too common a problem. Frequent hand washing is of course necessary to remove harmful bacteria, but at the same time the soap also removes the protective layer of oil from the skin. Without a protective layer, the skin can no longer maintain the required moisture level. The result is dry skin or dermatitis caused by the use of soap.

Those who are used to washing their hands too often are advised to do so only when necessary, and after washing, be sure to apply a moisturizer. It would be wiser to avoid drying your hands with a rough paper towel.


2. Climate

In very dry climates, the hands can also dry out, causing the skin to crack. This can be done in dry winter weather, especially if you do not wear gloves that protect warm skin when outdoors.

3. Sun

Ultraviolet (UV) rays damage our skin in the sun. The skin starts to turn red, overheats, becomes painful and later peels off. Although most sunburns are mild and heal within a week, excessive skin damage can also cause skin cancer. If burns have already occurred, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun and to use skin moisturizers, preferably containing aloe vera.

4. Nail chewing

Nail chewing is especially common among children, but this bad habit can also cause painful cracking and peeling of the skin of the fingers. Although most children grow out of this bad habit, they still need to be monitored at a young age and supported by parents to give up the habit. It’s no secret that adults also often chew their nails, especially when they are in a stressful situation.

5. Chemicals

Millions of people around the world do work where they are exposed to various chemicals, such as agriculture, medicine and many industries. However, many cleaning products (soaps, solutions) also contain chemicals and can irritate the skin and make it dry. Those who are constantly exposed to chemicals should wear protective gloves and wash and cream their hands regularly. Thus, applying a moisturizing hand cream to the skin is useful and necessary for several reasons.



What are the benefits to the skin if you use a moisturizing hand cream?

  1. You will love your new moisturized and supple skin
  2. Treat the skin on your hands
  3. Relieve stress in your personal home spa
  4. This moisturizing hand cream is also good for your nails

The first and most effective benefit is definitely softer skin on the hands. The oils in the cream restore the skin’s moisture level and leave a protective layer on the skin.

Many hand creams contain natural ingredients – skin-enhancing plant extracts and essential oils. Also, the mentioned ingredients are mostly with a very pleasant smell, which makes you grab the hand cream again and again. Add a moisturizing hand cream to your daily beauty routine and indulge in a small hand massage every day. Set yourself comfortably, close your eyes and massage the cream into your hands until it is completely absorbed.

Cuticles also need a good moisturizing hand cream. Daily use of the cream will ensure you stronger, longer and healthier nails.

What else can you do with this hand cream?

With a small amount of hand cream you can smooth out damaged hair. Apply a small amount of cream to your fingers and slide them lightly through your hair. The same method also helps to remove static electricity from clothes.

Will you put cotton gloves on for the night?

In the evening, after applying the moisturizer, pull on your cotton gloves and let them do their work overnight. In the morning after removing the gloves, you will notice that the skin of your hands is wonderfully soft and delicate. Start using moisturizing hand cream today and do it every day. It’s a small extra step to your daily beauty routine, but a bigger benefit for your hands.

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