Protective visor Honeywell

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The visor is a convenient protection against the spread of viruses! Suitable for people wearing glasses.

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The Honeywell protective visor is intended for use in situations where social distancing is not feasible and in areas where there is a risk of the spread of diseases in a large community. This face shield provides an anti-fog coating to prevent fogging and visibility problems.

Suitable for people wearing glasses. The glasses do not become foggy.

Features and Benefits: 15 ”wide and 9.1” height to ensure high face coverage PET recyclable material 0.188mm thickInside the anti-fog coating to prevent fogging and provide better vision 1.2 ”foam thickness for optimal distance between face and face protection FDA registered the following requirements: Hazardous face shields for drops and splashes of clause 8.1.2 of ANSI / ISEA Z87.1-2015 EN 166: 2001 clause 7.2.4 protection against liquid droplets and splashes Flexible strip (width 0.6 “) for additional comfort and universal suitability Industries and applications: medical staff, cashiers, shop staff, banks, government agencies (DMV, social security, passports, etc.), restaurant staff


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