Wella Professionals Elements paraben free conditioner 200ml

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Conditioner for dry and dull hair.

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Wella Professionals Elements Lightweight Renewing Conditioner is a light, paraben-free conditioner that strengthens every hair fiber on the inside, helping to improve and maintain the hair’s natural vitality. The NuTree complex made from natural bark stimulates and protects the production of keratin, restores the vitality and shine of dull and stressed hair.

Designed to revitalize dry and dull hair

Adding shine to dry and damaged hair. The active ingredients of the conditioner nourish and revitalize every layer of hair, preventing keratin degeneration. Dust, sunlight, wind, rain, irregular meals, stress – all of these factors are our daily companions who watch over us from morning to bed. To maintain the natural balance of hair and the natural moisture balance, we need more than just shampoo, you also need a conditioner! We have the perfect one for you, Wella Elements Lightweight renewing conditioner. It has a hint of herbal aroma that follows you for the rest of the day. The light texture of the conditioner is almost imperceptible to your hair, you don’t even think it was ever there, but the results speak for themselves, living, shiny hair that is easy to comb.

Part of the conditioner composition is a unique NuTree complex based on wood extract and strengthened by the strength of provitamin B5, which helps the hair from the roots to the ends. The conditioner smoothes all areas of damaged hair, providing softness and silkiness to the hair. Weak and dull hair becomes stronger and brighter, ready to conquer the day!

This paraben-free conditioner gives you beautiful and shiny hair after just a few minutes of care.

NB! It is best to wash your hair with cooler water.


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