Australian Gold SPF 6 spray gel with bronzer 237ml

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Protect yourself from UVA / UVB radiation!

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Sun protection gel with SPF6 protection. Protects your skin from harmful sun radiation and prevents it from burning. If you get easily sunburned, we recommend choosing a product with stronger SPF protection from our online store.

General Protection Spray Gels are innovative hybrids of continuous spraying and traditional body milk, suitable for those who want control, hydration and comfort! A comfortable pump that allows maximum control and the rich mixture is easily absorbed into the skin and gives a fresh feeling.

AUSTRALIAN NATURALS: Cockatoo plum, which has the highest vitamin C content of any fruit, is known to promote collagen production, which also helps protect against free radicals. Tea tree oil, a powerful antioxidant, helps to gently cleanse the skin for smooth skin.

MOISTURIZERS: Sunflower seed oil and olive oil moisturize the skin deeply to create smooth hydrated skin.

ALOE VERA: soothes and nourishes the skin naturally.

BRONZER: Caramel gives the skin a rich golden glow and an immediate delicate complexion.


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