Vita Liberata self-tanning and anti-aging serum for face 15 ml

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Self-tanning and anti-aging serum for the face.

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Vita Liberata self-tanning and anti-aging serum

Our favorite product at a time when there is no sun in Estonia! During fall and winter time the face loses complexion and might get pale. Vita Liberata provides an especially rich self-tanning serum for the face, which, in addition to giving the face a pleasant complexion, also smooths wrinkles. The serum contains certified organic ingredients such as Neroli, rose, cucumber and Marula extract. The result is a natural, beautiful complexion, smoother and softer skin. Suitable for all skin types. Don’t forget the neck and décolleté too!

The serum is very easy to use, add 1-3 drops of serum to the face cream in the palm of your hand, mix and apply on the face. Or use the serum under the face cream if you want a stronger complexion, let the self-tanning serum be absorbed and apply the face cream. The facial skin should be cleansed before using the serum, we also recommend exfoliating the face once a week. During exfoliation, dead skin cells are removed from the face and the serum can be better absorbed into the facial skin and ensure a beautiful, even complexion.

I personally use the serum almost every day, a few drops every morning and the facial skin achieves a beautiful radiant complexion. If there is a desire for a stronger complexion, for example, the next day there is a party, then apply the serum directly to the face. If your facial skin is dry then use the night cream for maximum effectiveness!

It is not recommended to apply the serum if you plan to color your eyebrows on the same day. The self-tanner and the eyebrow dye may (but may not) react with each other so that the eyebrows do not reach the desired shade. For example, reddish-brown color instead of black. I made that mistake and i am definitely wiser for it in the future!

I also use a self-tanner every day under makeup and it fits perfectly. Since the skin is especially moisturized and smooth after using the self-tanning product, the make-up also looks better on the face.

Some make-up artists have said that it would not be very good to apply a self-tanner on the face before doing any make-up. For example, if you have applied a self-tanning serum to your face the same day with the day cream. It may react with your make-up and change the color.

vita liberata näonaha isepruunistaja

Great product even during summer. It is known that sunbathing the face a lot is one of the biggest mistakes we make. The sun makes the facial skin age faster because it dries it. May also cause pigment spots, be especially careful when pregnant! But with this self-tanning product, you can make the facial skin as brown as your body.

There are a lot of questions about whether this self-tanner clogs the pores on the nose and chin like some self-tanners do. We have not noticed any more than usual clogged pores after using this product. It’s been a year! The ingredients and texture of the self-tanner are so skin-friendly that you don’t have to worry about such things. In the meantime, as usual, the face should still be exfoliated, which removes and prevents the formation of clogged pores. With proper facial care, this is not a concern. Every morning and evening clean your face, we recommend visiting a professional cosmetician every now and then as well. Our e-shop also sells very good facial scrubs from Dermalogica, under facial care products category, which are good for peeling the face.


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