Jade roller rose quartz – face massager

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Jade roller rose quartz is one of the best face massage beauty tools. Rose quartz gemstone helps rejuvenate and smooth your face skin with very pleasant massage.

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Jade roller pink quartz face massager

Jade roller pink quartz face massager is an unbelieavable beauty tool for inner and outer great looks. Using the face roller on yourself is relaxing and reduces stress. Also the jade roller helps improve skin elasticity blood circulation. It has been THE beauty ritual in China since the 7th century which rejuvenates and smooths your face skin. Massaging your face with rose quartz helps the skin absorb vitamins and other beauty serums meant for face care, for example hyaluronic acid.

Physically – by using the jade roller for gentle face massage it will help improve the look of your skin and helps your lymph system, which is the most important and biggest detoxifying part of your organism. Metaphysically – it is believed that rose quartz equals the heart chakra, love and energy centers.

Rose quartz is one of the most beautiful and with best healing properties gemstone. It helps relieve tension and stress in your body, lowers anxiety and increases peace of mind which is surprisingly important in order to maintain a smooth and young skin. Rose quartz is considered the gemstone of love and harmony, it helps you release yourself emotionally, be calm, bring happiness, romantic feelings and sensuality. Rose quartz is also being used to heal jealousy and infertility.

Rose quartz face massager is first and foremost meant to be used with a beauty serum. The best options would be serums with C vitamin and hyaluronic acid. The set also includes a flat rose quartz stone which you can also use to improve the absorption of the oil, serum or cream. Read more about this at the end of the article!

Jade roller rose quartz helps you:

  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Lower swelling and thin lines
  • Relax the tensions in your face muscles
  • To better absorb serums and creams

Professional tip – clean the jade roller, place it in the fridge to cool and the face massage will be pleasantly cooling for example the next day after a party to reduce swelling or inflammation.

In addition you have also received a rose quartz flat gemstone which you can also use for massaging and help creams, oils or serums to absorb better. Clean your face, spread cream, oil or serum on your face and with the rounded side of the gemstone, massage your face from bottom to top. In every area repeat the bottom to top motion 10 times.


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